What do candidates want?

Trying to source good candidates is one thing but knowing what catches the candidate’s eye in 2022 is another thing. In this blog, we will be discussing ways to create & freshen up your job descriptions.

The top 5 things candidates search for is

– Salary

– Training & Development

– Flexibility

– Company Culture

– Stability & Growth

An interesting fact for you is salary is less important to candidates than it was two years which is a surprising answer especially with the rise of living costs. What reasons could explain such a phenomenon, especially leaving lockdowns & the rise in the cost of living?

In our view, we believe candidates care about being trained & upskilled to become better versions of themselves. The flexibility to work from home, to have the ability to pick when they want to be in the office has become very important to candidates today as the pandemic led to the rise of the working-from-home culture as 73% percent of employees want flexible work options to stay, while 83% prefer hybrid work. The culture of how the company operates has grown & people want to know who they will be working with, as this gives them an idea of how they might fit into the team. Lastly, the stability & growth of the company is important as candidates want job security, many people lost their jobs due to pandemics or economic crisis & people want to know whether there are opportunities to rise in the company.

How to grab a candidate’s attention!

The main way candidates are looking & applying for job opportunities is on their smartphone, this can be on their commute to their job, on the way back from work, on the sofa during adverts, or even at work. Gone are the days of people spending 30 minutes to an hour a weekend searching and applying for jobs. So have you made applying for jobs on a smartphone as easy as possible, people today have a short attention span and will move on? Think of everything you use in your life e.g., TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. People want convenience and everything to be streamlined and not complicated service, so the same process applies to your job description.

Never rush posting jobs it’s not a good idea to post them quickly and edit them later, because you can lose out on some great potential candidates because the algorithm will suppress them. So, take your time and perfect the job description to how you want it to be, it makes the process a lot easier in the long run and it’s always a good idea to form good habits.


The best tips to improve your Job descriptions are to provide employees with job expectations and requirements, it gives candidates a greater understanding of the role within the company, helps to create goals for employees upon hire to give them a goal which will keep them motivated which leads to showing them your training and development plans for them, and lastly tell them the pay because candidates get annoyed at the phrase ‘competitive salary’ because what does that mean to a candidate because your idea of competitive and theirs could be very different, let’s face it, money matters.

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