The Dos and Don’ts of Following Up After a Job Application

Are you eagerly waiting for a response after applying for your dream job? Following up after a job application can be a nerve-wracking task, but it’s crucial for keeping your candidacy fresh in the employer’s mind. In this blog, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of following up after submitting your application, helping you navigate this crucial stage of the job search process. Let’s dive in!

The Dos✅

Give it time🕥

It’s important to exercise patience when following up after a job application. Hiring processes can take time, and employers need sufficient time to review applications and conduct interviews. Usually, waiting for about one to two weeks is considered appropriate. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the job posting’s instructions, as some employers may have specified a timeline for the hiring process.

Send a personalized follow-up email📧

Craft a thoughtful and concise follow-up email to express your continued interest in the position. Address the hiring manager by name and mention specific details from the job description or the interview (if you had one). Show enthusiasm and reiterate your qualifications, emphasizing why you would be a valuable asset to the company. A personalized email demonstrates your attention to detail and genuine interest.

Use a professional tone👔

Maintaining a professional tone throughout your follow-up communication is crucial. Ensure your email is free from grammatical errors, typos, and excessive exclamation marks. Keep the email concise and to the point, as hiring managers are often busy and appreciate brevity. Remember to thank them for considering your application and leave a positive impression.

The Don’ts❌

Spam the employer⛔

Bombarding the employer with multiple follow-up emails or phone calls is a big no-no. It may come across as desperate or pushy, and can harm your chances of being considered for the role. Remember, patience and a respectful approach are key. Give the employer time to review applications and make their decision.

Be too casual🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼

While it’s important to showcase your personality and enthusiasm, be cautious not to cross the line into informality. Avoid using slang, abbreviations, or emojis in your follow-up communications. Maintain a professional tone and ensure your language is appropriate for the context. Remember, you want to make a professional impression.

Demand an immediate response⌛

It’s understandable to be eager for an update, but pressuring the employer for an immediate response is a mistake. Remember that hiring processes can take time, especially if there are numerous applicants to review. Displaying impatience may reflect negatively on your professionalism and can harm your chances of moving forward in the process. Be patient and let the process unfold naturally.

Following up after a job application is a delicate balance between demonstrating your interest in the role and respecting the employer’s process. By following the dos and avoiding the don’ts, you can maintain a professional image while keeping your candidacy in the employer’s mind. Remember, patience, persistence, and professionalism are key ingredients in your job search recipe. Good luck!