How To Calm Your Second Interview Jitters!

You attended a job interview a few days ago and have since been awaiting feedback on how you went, and you receive a call inviting you in for a second interview, and the nerves immediately set in…

So, the good news is you have been invited back in for a second interview – You have made it past the initial interview stage which most likely means you fit the criteria and prerequisites for the position, but what now? How can you calm your nerves?

Second interviews can at times be more intimidating than a first interview as they may involve more in-depth questions and dig deeper in regard to skillset and how you could perform for the company, but let’s go over some tips that I have used which helped me calm my second interview jitters in the past!


Being prepared is always the biggest thing for me personally, although for a second interview being prepared may look a little bit different – you already know how to get there, you’ve potentially met one or two of these people before and you’ve already qualified enough to be invited back for a second interview so here is how you can be prepared for your second interview.

– Find out what new faces you will be meeting and do a bit of research on linked in or google

– Make sure you get a good night’s sleep

– Research common interview questions to prepare you for what may be asked

– Reflect, back to your first interview and think about what you think went well, what maybe didn’t go so well, and how you can improve on this


Although at times being positive while being consumed with nerves can be tricky to do, being positive and enthusiastic is almost as important as your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. If you can demonstrate to an employer you have a can-do, problem-solving attitude you will have an advantage over a candidate who does not display this.

It is also important to show confidence in interview question answers throughout the recruitment process as being concrete in your responses as well as using examples of specific scenarios that outline the different challenges you have overcome will leave your interviewer/s confident in your skills and abilities.


Being invited back for a second interview alone should give you a little bit of a confidence boost and put your mind at ease so allow yourself to be proud, happy, and excited!


Whether it is the night before or on your way to the interview, I encourage you to listen to a song or watch a video or listen to a podcast that is uplifting or motivational. Doing this will ensure you have a clear, positive, ready-to-go mindset and put you in a great mental spot for the interview.


This tip is a simple one, but it is important to keep in mind before and during the interview. If you are preparing for the interview thinking of it as an interrogation, you will most likely be nervous. But if you think of an interview as a conversation then you can easily relax.

One great way to have a dialogue is to ask the interviewer questions. Not only is asking questions a sign of interest and curiosity, but it will keep the conversation balanced. Remember, you’re there to get to know them just as much as they are getting to know you. Finding a job that has people you get along with is great for mental health and overall job satisfaction. Also, don’t just wait until the end to ask your questions. Try to weave some in throughout the interview. This will keep your interview balanced and have a lighter tone.

After the second interview is over there might be some time where they will, “let you know”. This can take weeks sometimes due to the extensive process it takes to hire a new employee. The best thing to do is wait a few days and send a follow-up email. Make sure to write something simple like, “Hello, I enjoyed meeting everyone and wanted to thank you for the opportunity. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me”.

I hope that some of these tips that have helped me in the past can help you to calm your second interview jitters!

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